E-passport rules and fees 2022 bangladesh

 E-passport rules and fees 2022 bangladesh

Passport Rules & Cost 2022 (A to Z)

Passport is the first document required for travelers traveling abroad. And now that digitalization has come in passports too, you need to know about the rules and cost of e-passport. Because if you know all the rules yourself, then you don't have to spend more in the clutches of brokers.

Nowadays it is very easy to apply for an e-passport online. You can do the initial application from your phone or computer at your own home. Earlier it took a lot of time to get the passport after application. But now that problem is gone.

Now you can fill up the initial application and submit the application to the local passport office without any pre-schedule. And it can be assumed that if everything goes well, you will get your much-desired passport in just 1 month.

In today's article we will present detailed information about the rules and cost of passport in 2022. I will also mention what process you need to go through and what documents you need to make a successful application. Hope the entire discussion will be very fruitful for you.

E-passport rules and fees 2022 bangladesh

E-Passport Rules

Due to digitization of various government functions, the rules of e-passport have become much easier. You can now apply for passport by yourself from home. Firstly login to E-Passport Online Registration Portal . Once you enter the website, you will see a button called Apply online. Clicking on it will start your application process.

How much money will it take to get a passport?

Both normal passports and e-passport have three modes of delivery. The e-passport is available after the prescribed working days from the submission of the application form. These are:

1. Regular: 15 working days
2. Express:
3 in 8 working days. Super Express: Two working days
Note that if police clearance is submitted along with the application to obtain an emergency passport within the country, the Super Express Passport is issued within 2 working days, provided all other information is correct.

Not all passports cost the same. Passport cost depends on delivery time, passport page and expiry date. For example:

48 page 5 year e-passport delivery fee

Regular: 4 thousand 25 taka
Express: 6 thousand 325 taka
Super Express: 8,625 Tk

48 page 10 year e-passport delivery fee

Regular: 5 thousand 750 taka
Express: 8 thousand 50 taka
Super Express: 10 thousand 350 taka

64 page 5 year e-passport delivery fee

Regular: 6 thousand 325 taka
Express: 8 thousand 625 taka
Super Express: 12 thousand 75 taka

64 page 10 year e-passport delivery fee

Regular: 8 thousand 50 taka
Express: 10 thousand 350 taka
Super Express: 13 thousand 800 taka

Where to deposit money?

Once the online process of e-passport application is completed, the category wise fee has to be paid. Although both online and bank payments are mentioned on the government website, online payments are currently closed.

So you have to go to Sonali Bank, Trust Bank, One Bank, Dhaka Bank, Premier Bank and Bank Asia and collect the receipt. The name of the applicant in the bank deposit form and the name of the applicant in the e-passport must be identical.
A photocopy of your national identity card may be required at this time. Also carry the print copy of the online application.

What documents are required for e-passport?

Initial application of e-passport online does not require any documents. However, once the initial application is completed, the following documents must be presented in person at the local passport office

Print copy of online application
1 copy of passport size photograph
Photocopy of National Identity Card
Bank fee deposit receipt

But in all cases it should be remembered that all the information asked should be given correctly. Because if the information given by you is found to be an exception during the police verification, it may cause complications in getting the passport. So this issue has to be handled with care.

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